Last week in the studio: show me ur brushstrokes

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a pretty inconsistent updater. Keeping up to date across all of my social media platforms is frankly pretty exhausting but it also seems to have become a requirement for being relevant in the “art world.” I understand that self-promotion is important when it comes to building your own business and apparently at least 627 people on Instagram … Continue reading Last week in the studio: show me ur brushstrokes

Desert Winter

Today my new line of work titled¬†Desert Winter is finally available online! Since I’ve moved to California succulents have become a fascination of mine. I had tried growing them when I lived on the East coast but they always ended up meeting an untimely demise. They were¬†always too cold or under/overwatered and tended to dry up after a month. But they love it here in … Continue reading Desert Winter