More Winter for your Spring

Being an artist and a small business owner can get pretty frustrating sometimes. After unloading a pretty successful firing this past week I realized that if I want to keep making more work in my tiny space, I probably have to find a home for some of the work I already have. Working as an artist suits me well, I get to spend most of my … Continue reading More Winter for your Spring

A Studio Tour with Sarah Duyer (and some chill tunes)

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing other artists’ studio spaces. An artist’s studio space can give you a look at an artist’s process, at all the hours of work behind the scenes and all of the different stages that a piece went through in order to become the final product. In my senior year of college I was #blessed with an amazing studio space. … Continue reading A Studio Tour with Sarah Duyer (and some chill tunes)

Desert Winter

Today my new line of work titled Desert Winter is finally available online! Since I’ve moved to California succulents have become a fascination of mine. I had tried growing them when I lived on the East coast but they always ended up meeting an untimely demise. They were always too cold or under/overwatered and tended to dry up after a month. But they love it here in … Continue reading Desert Winter