A Studio Tour with Sarah Duyer (and some chill tunes)

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing other artists’ studio spaces.

An artist’s studio space can give you a look at an artist’s process, at all the hours of work behind the scenes and all of the different stages that a piece went through in order to become the final product.

In my senior year of college I was #blessed with an amazing studio space. It was huge and I had a couch and an easel and like 3 different work spaces and lots of storage. I was the only graduating senior who was working in ceramics so I had a space that was meant for 4 or 5 students all to myself so I was pretty spoiled.

My current studio space, on the other hand, is super tiny. But, even though it’s small, it’s a space that’s helped me experiment in my work and allow me to grow as an artist.


My amazing and talented friend Sloane recently shot some photos of me working in the studio as part of an ongoing documentary photo project focusing on Bay Area artists. With all of the gentrification and rising cost of living it’s nice to see that San Francisco hasn’t pushed out all of it’s artists yet.










Find more of Sloane Kanter’s work online: Tumblr / Facebook


I made a little playlist of some jams I like to listen to while working in my studio. Check them out while you’re throwing this weekend.

If you like the selection and have any bands you think I should check out, leave them in the comments. I’m always looking for new bands to listen to.


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